Why Hitting Snooze is Dangerous


We all have been there before on a Monday morning, pure exhaustion from the weekend and now time to face reality. Your alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze turn over to get more rest. Seven minutes later, you hear that familiar sound and finally get out of bed. You suddenly are even more tired and dreading to get out of bed. According to sleep experts, this bad habit sets you up for failure as it tricks your body back into a sleep cycle.

In The Thirty’s article, it states “When your alarm goes off again, your body and brain are confused, resulting in that foggy feeling called sleep inertia. Sleep inertia can stay with you throughout the day, making you actually feel more tired throughout the day.” If you are preplanning to hit snooze, then actually just set your alarm clock for a later time as you get more efficient sleep and avoid sleep inertia.

For this year’s resolution say no to snooze! Create better sleeping habits to set yourself up for success.

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