Trick or Treat Safety!

Everyone’s entitled to one good scare but not when it comes to your loved ones.  Take proper safety precautions when trick or treating. Below are safety tips from National Safety Council to practice at this year’s Halloween:

Wear costumes that have zero safety hazards. These hazards could include masks that impair your vision or oversized gear that creates tripping hazards. Confirm that your children have reflective gear or tape on if they will be out in the dark. Ensure any face painting, makeup, or adhesive is removed after trick or treating to eliminate a risk of skin or eye irritation.

Go over boundaries with kids and teach them the significance of not entering any homes or cars. Set a curfew for your kids to return home. Preach the importance of staying in a large group and do not wander alone.

Inspect your candy before sharing or consuming. If any wrappers have been compromised throw them away and do not eat. Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which candy can be toxic to children and those who consume. Do your family a favor and throw away anything that look suspicious.

When out and about stay with kids 12 years of age or younger, to help them navigate safely from one door to the next. Safe Kids Worldwide posted, that kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween compared to any other day of the year. Unfortunately, accidents do occur so please call 911 immediately and contact your insurance agent. Wondering if you have proper coverage in case of an accident? Contact The Service Agency.

Halloween is a spooky holiday but let’s leave no surprises to your insurance coverage.


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