Wisconsin has over 40 years of creating exceptional outdoor snowmobile trails to enjoy during the winter months. The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, Inc. (AWSC) is a statewide nonprofit organization that represents Wisconsin’s snowmobilers at the state and national levels. This organization has helped orchestrate roughly over 22,000 miles of trails with other local snowmobile clubs. These clubs work in unison to create safe and fun trails.

Snowmobile clubs and landowners join a partnership every year to design a network of trails. Landowners need to provide verbal or written agreements before any trails can be used. Under Wisconsin’s law, landowners are not liable for any injury occurring on their property when they have granted permission for snowmobilers. In addition, it is not up to the landowner to keep their trails up to safety protocol but up to the club they partnered with. If you are interested in offering your land for snowmobiling, contact your local snowmobile club.

Thank you to all landowners and clubs for promoting safe trails that the community can use.