Protection for College Students

As a parent of a college student, it is a stressful and exciting time. As your insurance partner, we want to calm your stress and inform you about the benefits of renter’s insurance. Many insurance carriers consider your college students on campus dorms, an extension of your home. If they have valuable items or expensive electronics, you should highly consider a renter’s policy.

In contrast, if the student lives off-campus, there will be no coverage under your homeowner’s insurance plan. Please have your student get in touch with The Service Agency. Landlords have coverage but that doesn’t cover you as a tenant. Their insurance only covers the structural damage not the damage to your personal property. These policies are extremely affordable since they only cover your property and not the dwelling or structure.

Paying for college tuition can be a headache, we want to cover you in case a tragedy occurs. We want to minimize our insured risk of a financial crisis. You are working hard for your degree, let us work hard to protect you and your belongings.

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