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The season of gifting has arrived. Before you pop the question this holiday, have you heard of jewelry coverage? When buying a special gift for that special person this holiday ask your insurance agent about coverage. As your agent, we want you to be able to enjoy the day and not worry.

Why do you need jewelry coverage? Jewelry coverage can help protect against losses, theft, damage, disappearance, wear and tear, and worldwide travel depending on the carrier and plan.

While on your honeymoon you left your ring behind and now you cannot find it. Jewelry coverage is there to help. If you were to have this ring on your homeowner’s policy when filing a claim, it would affect your homeowner’s insurance rate. In contrast, if you had this covered on a separate jewelry policy it wouldn’t affect your homeowner’s insurance. Another reason to have jewelry coverage in today’s insurance market.

At The Service Agency, our professional agent, Amanda Suter, specializes in the jewelry industry. She is a great resource for any questions or concerns when it comes to your special gift. Stop in today to speak with her!

Before you say yes, say yes to jewelry coverage!

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