Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

Happy Harvest Season!

While many of us relax while sipping on our cup of coffee and eating everything pumpkin; many farmers are in the fields harvesting to feed their local communities. Harvest season starts in September and goes on till November. During the season be aware of the increase in tractors and equipment hauling on rural roads. It is legal for farmers to drive tractors and equipment on public roads to get from field to field.

As a driver help mitigate highway fatalities by being aware of your surroundings at all times of the day. According to Iron Solutions by Randall Reilly, “Two thirds of high fatalities involve slow moving equipment were rear end collisions.  Many of these fatalities occur at night when drivers did not see slow moving equipment on the road until too late.”

As a farmer, play your part in properly inspecting your vehicles before entering public roads. Ensure they have the proper signage, and all features work such as lights, flashers, etc. When hauling equipment have another person following you with flashing bright lights. If you have any questions regarding risk management and resources to help implement safety protocols, reach out to The Service Agency.

Come together as a community to make all roads safe by doing your part.

Support local farmers.


Iron Solutions by Randall Reilly, 2023, “Tractors on the road: Slow Down – Here’s Your Sing”. Tractors on the Road: Slow Down – Here’s Your Sign – Iron Solutions

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