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What to do when you are in a car accident

Being in an automobile accident can often be an overwhelming experience. However, if you are in an automobile accident, following the steps below can help you through the situation.


Be prepared

It is helpful to have the following items on hand if you are in an automobile accident.

  • Your current auto-id card, vehicle
  • Flares / Orange cones registration and list of emergency contacts.
  • Blanket
  • A card listing medical conditions or
  • Jumper cables allergies to any medications.
  • Rags and paper towels
  • First-aid kit
  • Trash bags
  • Flashlight

Immediately after the accident

  • Remain calm and take a deep breath.
  • Move your vehicle to a safe, nearby location, if possible.
  • Turn on your automobiles hazard lights and use flares / orange cones for safety.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident.
  • Check to see if anyone has any injuries. If so, call 911 for medical assistance.
  • Call the police immediately.
  • Do not admit fault to the accident, even if you think it was your fault.

Exchange Information

  • Collect contact information for anyone who was there. This includes other passengers, the other driver(s), witnesses, and the tow company if your automobile is towed.
  • Make notes about the accident about how it happened, including:
    • Specific damages to all vehicles involved
    • Year, make and model of all vehicles
    • License plate numbers(s)
    • Insurance carrier and policy number of all parties involved
    • Note the weather conditions, speed traveled, road conditions, etc.
    • Take pictures of the accident with your cell phone or camera. If you don’t have the ability to take pictures, draw a diagram of the location and position of the automobiles.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report.

Contact your insurance company

Call your insurance agent or insurance company to let them know you have been in an accident. Have your policy number and details of the accident available.

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