As you’re swapping your snowmobile for your four-wheeler, don’t forget to call your insurance agent to see if you have proper coverage. Ask your agent if you have recreational liability coverage on your home policy or auto policy. If you have a new vehicle, do you have full coverage? If so, what is the limit of insurance and how is it insured? Ask your agent about the difference between actual cash value, replacement cost, stated value, etc. Your agent is there to help you and make sure you are covered before you hit the trails.

Red Wing Cafe’s doors opened in September 2021 and the community fully embraced the new establishment. The downtown cafe is a place for many to enjoy laughter, memories, and great food. Miti Balazhi is the proud owner and the man behind the curtain. His personality adds character to the cafe and the food is the cherry on top. Miti is originally from Albania specifically F. Y. R. Macedonia. His background is portrayed through the food, environment, and hospitality.

The cafe has a set of traditions, one being that every holiday they throw a kid’s coloring contest. The next contest is for Valentines Day, February 14th. Miti loves to help support the community and the youth that visit. He is notorious for making his famous mickey mouse pancakes for the kids to enjoy. While interviewing Tiffany, Red Wing Cafe’s manager, she laughed and said, “Many times we have to go get Miti and remind him he is the main cook as he creates relationship with every customer that walks in.” This goes to show how important building relationships are to him and his business.

Red Wing Cafe is open six days a week, Tuesday through Saturday 7:00 am -3:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. Their popular dishes are the loaded biscuits and gravy, farmer’s skillet, and country fried steak. They do run weekly specials with their Valentines special coming up the week of February 14th. They will be having their steak special for two. To find out more about the cafe and their specials you can connect with them on their Facebook.

As technology in the world continues to innovate our need for home cyber protection continues. Families are more prone to cyber-attacks than ever before. As smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes continue to increase so does your risk of a cyber invasion. How can you protect yourself from an attack?

Ask your insurance agent if you can add “Home Cyber Protection” to your homeowner’s policy. This additional coverage can protect your smart phones to all your daily electronics from cyber attackers. A cyber-attack can steal information and money putting yourself and family at risk of a major loss.

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It’s that time of year again, where snow visits the Midwest. How to keep safe this winter while driving? See below our safety tips to help eliminate the risk of an accident.

In dangerous conditions, it is important to reduce your speed, avoid accelerating and stopping at fast pace, plan ahead for lane changes or exits, and slow down while making turns. If you are driving and feel the vehicle starting to glide, steer into the direction you are sliding. Once you regain friction slowly direct your vehicle back to a straight direction.

Prepare when you are traveling in the winter months by packing essentials for any travel interruptions. Here is a link to create a “Winter Survival Kit“. You should keep this kit in your vehicle throughout winter months to be prepared for any situation.

At the end of the day accidents can happen at any time so be prepared for it. Your loved ones are waiting on your safe return.

This holiday season let the good time’s role. Check out our top favorite Christmas festivals and events.

  • Wisconsin Dells: Check in to Mountain Village for the perfect stay with the family. The cozy cabin allows time to stay in, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. The Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train is a site to see and a great night out for the family. Are you looking for a daytime activity? Hit the slopes! You can make your reservations online at Christmas Mountain Village | Bluegreen Vacations
  • Rush River Tree Farm Nursery: Have you started decorating your home for the holidays? Cut down your own tree at Rum River Tree Farm Nursery. Once you have selected your tree check out all the free activities like hayrides, pony rides, petting zoo, Santa visits, coloring station, and hot food. You can find more details on all the fun at Christmas Trees (
  • Minnesota Nutcracker: Get your tickets now! A Minnesota Nutcracker will be held December 8th – 10th, 2023. Since 2003, TCB has been producing an annual show “A Minnesota Nutcracker”. To get tickets and more information visit A Minnesota Nutcracker – Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Light Show: Take a scenic walk through “Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum Light Show” this Christmas. This is a one mile walk outdoors that has various displays incorporating outdoor elements. They have new exhibits this winter and you can finish the night off roasting s’mores. Learn more about the event and make reservation at Winter Lights | Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (

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The season of gifting has arrived. Before you pop the question this holiday, have you heard of jewelry coverage? When buying a special gift for that special person this holiday ask your insurance agent about coverage. As your agent, we want you to be able to enjoy the day and not worry.

Why do you need jewelry coverage? Jewelry coverage can help protect against losses, theft, damage, disappearance, wear and tear, and worldwide travel depending on the carrier and plan.

While on your honeymoon you left your ring behind and now you cannot find it. Jewelry coverage is there to help. If you were to have this ring on your homeowner’s policy when filing a claim, it would affect your homeowner’s insurance rate. In contrast, if you had this covered on a separate jewelry policy it wouldn’t affect your homeowner’s insurance. Another reason to have jewelry coverage in today’s insurance market.

At The Service Agency, our professional agent, Amanda Suter, specializes in the jewelry industry. She is a great resource for any questions or concerns when it comes to your special gift. Stop in today to speak with her!

Before you say yes, say yes to jewelry coverage!

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The Acker Farm forever planted its roots in the farming industry. Don Acker, an Ellsworth native, and his wife Mary started their farming business in 1973 in Iowa. The lifestyle of farming had won Don over at an early age as his father, Wayne was a farmer. The unfortunate death of his father led him on his own path to dive into the agriculture community. The helping hands of family and friends allowed Don to stand on his own feet and start his journey. The best advice Don got at the start of his career was “Surround yourself with good people and work with them.” The Acker family returned to the Ellsworth area in 1987- the start of their journey.

Farming is both a lifestyle and a business. It takes dedication every day and attention to detail. When asked what the best advice for a beginner farmer, Don replied, “You can’t give up your dream, pay close attention to the numbers, and treat people with respect.” Every farmer has an abundance of dedication and inner drive which can be learned by others and applied to their own aspirations. For Don, this dedication to farming created a family affair. This partnership between Don and his two sons, Jay and Cal, is the most rewarding part of his career. He spoke endlessly about how much gratitude he has for the industry for allowing him to work with his sons and watch his grandkids grow, “It doesn’t get any better than being a grandpa!”.

Farming is a way of life for Don, which is no surprise. When we had asked Don, “If you weren’t in farming what would you do?” with a long pause, he responded, “I would work for a seed company.” Safe to say he has and will always be passionate about farming along with building relationships within the community. What’s next? Ackers plans to implement their succession planning to keep their family business moving forward. He wants his community to know that farmers do everything they can to produce quality products.

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In 1999 Bruce Andrews started a business adventure in Maiden Rock, WI. His cousins at the time owned a roofing company and expressed the need for gutter services. Without hesitation, he went down to the bank to get a loan for a gutter machine. The beginning of Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters was established and in 2015 moved to Bay City, WI.

After the company’s foundation was built, he was able to grow his staff and services. These services grew from gutters only to an all-exterior construction company that has a specialty in gutters, Leaf Lock Gutter Protection, and roofing services. When asked “What makes your company different than others?”, Bruce confidently said, “We do it right the first time!”.  Being a local resident in the community and local business owner, Bruce prides himself on taking care of his clients.

Don’t let the name fool you! The family-owned and operated business has done an exceptional job diversifying from a gutter and exterior construction company to a rental equipment and storage company to Sunrise Coffee on 35. What’s next for Bruce? He is happy to announce that an online sales portal will be available on his website for the public to purchase product parts and accessories.

Where can you find Bruce and his team? You can follow them on Facebook and visit their website to get in contact for a quote.